Outreach & Service

I enjoy sharing science with the public and regularly participate in science outreach events. At Yale, I am most involved in the Girls Science Investigations program, an opportunity for middle school girls to be immersed in and learn science with hands-on experiments. Also, I know there are many people from all walks of life who do not have access to formal education, but are still interested in learning about the Universe. I would like to share what I have learned with people of all ages and backgrounds. Please feel free to reach out if you are looking for public speakers or volunteers.

Below I list a few programs I have volunteered, led or organized before, with a brief description of each program and my experience.

â–˛ Giving an Astronomy on Tap talk on dark energy in New Haven

Girls Science Investigations

This is a free education program dedicated to motivate, empower and interest middle school girls in developing the skills needed to pursue careers in science. Sessions are held approximately four Saturdays a year. I led hands-on physics and engineering experiment activities, gave lessons for groups of 30 middle school girls, and coordinated and troubleshot for volunteers as an activity leader, or facilitated activities as a volunteer.

Graduate affiliate program at Yale College

This is a program where graduate students serve as mentors or big siblings for undergraduate students at Yale College. I was the head graduate affiliate for two years and graduate affiliate for one year at one of the colleges at Yale, Timothy Dwight College. As the head affiliate, I managed the program, organized meetings, recruited new members, and also programed and coordinated academic as well as social events for undergraduate students. I also advised sophomores on academic and extracurricular questions and navigating university life, and mentored seniors on their thesis presentations.

All India Rural Empowerment Program

I volunteered with AIREP in rural area in Ahmedabad, India in a summer in college. I taught astronomy with nighttime observing, English, and Chinese culture to children. I also helped run women empowerment program in villages, where we facilitated the participation of work for women in villages. I deeply appreciate this opportunity. I had a lot of fun working with children, other local people, program organizers and other volunteers. Realizing this work's positive impact on children, I have been continuously supporting education.

Invisible Hands Deliver

This is a non-profit organization a friend of mine co-founded in the beginning of the pandemic. It provides free deliveries of groceries and other essentials to the elderly in the New York City. I volunteer at the call center where I answer and make phone calls to place delivery requests and/or provide resources for the homebound. Many of the people we serve are very isolated and, because they are often financially challenged, are living a hard life. Being a patient ear gives them support. We once received a voice mail from an elderly lady I talked to before. She thanked me for my help and said that because of me she had the courage to live on. I was touched by that. I did not do anything substantial, and did not think that could help her so much. We all have the ability to help others. Even a small action paves a long way.

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

This is a free program that provides food and cloths for the homeless and people with low income in New Haven. I packed and distributed food to people as a volunteer.

HAVEN Free Clinic

I have deep concerns for people with chronic illness. I volunteered in the education department at the Haven Free Clinic to consult for patients suffering from chronic conditions. I hosted one-on-one sessions with patients where I discussed lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress management, mental health awareness etc.) changes they could make to improve health. I made personalized plans with them based on their individual health and financial situations.