Reconstruction papers

Here I collect papers related to reconstruction of the initial conditions. I try to include all, but probably have missed some. Please kindly send me a message if you notice I should include something.

Machine learning based methods

Legin, R., et al., "Posterior Sampling of the Initial Conditions of the Universe from Non-linear Large Scale Structures using Score-Based Generative Models", 2023 (ADS)

Chen, X., Zhu, F., Gaines, S., & Padmanabhan, N., "Effective cosmic density field reconstruction with convolutional neural network", 2023 (ADS)

Jindal, V., et al., "Predicting the Initial Conditions of the Universe using Deep Learning", 2023 (ADS)

Shallue, C. J., & Eisenstein, D. J., "Reconstructing cosmological initial conditions from late-time structure with convolutional neural networks", 2023 (ADS)

Mao, T.-X., "Baryon acoustic oscillations reconstruction using convolutional neural networks", 2021 (ADS)

Alves de Oliveira, R., et al., "Fast and Accurate Non-Linear Predictions of Universes with Deep Learning"  2020 (ADS)

Traditional algorithms

Nikakhtar, F., et al., "Optimal Transport Reconstruction of Biased Tracers in Redshift Space", 2023 (ADS)

Seo, H., et al., "Iterative reconstruction excursions for Baryon Acoustic Oscillations and beyond", 2022 (ADS)

Nikakhtar, F., Sheth, R. K., Levy, B., & Mohayaee, R., "Optimal Transport Reconstruction of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations",  2022 (ADS)

von Hausegger, S., Levy, B., & Mohayaee, R., "Accurate Baryon Acoustic Oscillations Reconstruction via Semidiscrete Optimal Transport", 2022 (ADS)

Levy, B., Mohayaee R., & von Hausegger, S., "A fast semidiscrete optimal transport algorithm for a unique reconstruction of the early Universe", 2021 (ADS)

Nikakhtar, F., Sheth, & R. K., Zehavi, I., "Laguerre reconstruction of the BAO feature in halo-based mock galaxy catalogues", 2021 (ADS)

Nikakhtar, F., Sheth, & R. K., Zehavi, I., "Laguerre reconstruction of the correlation function on baryon acoustic oscillation scales", 2021 (ADS)

Chen, X. & Padmanabhan, N. "Analysis of an iterative reconstruction method in comparison of the standard reconstruction method", 2023 (ADS)

Hada, R., & Eisenstein, D. J., "Application of the iterative reconstruction to simulated galaxy fields", 2019 (ADS)

Hada, R., & Eisenstein, D. J., "An iterative reconstruction of cosmological initial density fields", 2018 (ADS)

Schmittfull, M., Baldauf, T., & Zaldarriaga, M., "Iterative initial condition reconstruction", 2017 (ADS

Obuljen, A., Villaescusa-Navarro, F., Castorina, E., & Viel, M., "Baryon Acoustic Oscillations reconstruction with pixels", 2017 (ADS)

Zhu, H., et al., "Nonlinear reconstruction", 2017 (ADS)

Seo, H., & Hirata, C. M., "The foreground wedge and 21-cm BAO surveys", 2016 (ADS)

Zhu, H., Pen, U., & Chen, X. "Primordial density and BAO reconstruction", 2016 (ADS)

Schmittfull, M. et al, "Eulerian BAO reconstructions and N -point statistics", 2015 (ADS)

Tassev, S., & Zaldarriaga, M., "Towards an optimal reconstruction of baryon oscillations", 2012 (ADS)

Seo, H., et al., "High-precision predictions for the acoustic scale in the non-linear regime", 2010 (ADS)

Eisenstein, D. J., Seo, H., Sirko, E., & Spergel, D. N., "Improving Cosmological Distance Measurements by Reconstruction of the Baryon Acoustic Peak", 2007 (ADS)

Brenier, Y., et al., "Reconstruction of the early Universe as a convex optimization problem", 2003 (ADS)

Monaco, P., & Efstathiou, G., "Reconstruction of cosmological initial conditions from galaxy redshift catalogues", 1999 (ADS)

Narayanan, V. K., & Croft, R. A. C. "Recovering the Primordial Density Fluctuations: A Comparison of Methods", 1999 (ADS)

Croft, R. A. C., & Gaztanaga, E. "Reconstruction of cosmological density and velocity fields in the Lagrangian Zel'dovich approximation", 1997 (ADS)

Gramann, M., "An Improved Reconstruction Method for Cosmological Density Fields", 1993 (ADS)

Nusser, A., & Dekel, A., "Tracing Large-Scale Fluctuations Back in Time", 1992 (ADS)

Weinberg, D. H., "Reconstructing primordial density fluctuations. I - Method", 1992 (ADS)

Peebles, P. J. E., "The Gravitational Instability Picture and the Formation of the Local Group", 1990 (ADS)

Peebles, P. J. E., "Tracing Galaxy Orbits Back in Time", 1989 (ADS)

Theory for standard reconstruction

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Data papers with BAO fits

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Applications beyond BAO

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Forward modeling related

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While this is in the opposite direction of reconstruction of the initial condition, it is in many ways very similar.

Jamieson, D., et al., "Field-level Neural Network Emulator for Cosmological N-body Simulations", 2023 (ADS)

Velocity reconstruction

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A life-size bronze sculpture of Torosaurus in front of Yale Peabody Museum. This is a reconstruction (of Torosaurus).